Church Finances

Published on Thu, 28 May 2020 20:30

How is the church coping without cash? Wondering how you might help?

We are certainly missing your cash donations, (from the Pink envelopes, Free Will offering envelopes, open collection plate and the wall safes).

Perhaps you were wondering how to give during lockdown?

Well we offer a number of alternatives and not all of them involve the internet!

First and foremost the PCC are asking donors who wish to make a regular contribution to sign up to a Church of England scheme called Parish Giving. It is a Direct Debit scheme with all the usual guarantees. If you have a bank account you can choose this method. ALL of your donation comes to us and if you are an income tax payer you can Gift Aid your donation and we will receive an extra 25% (from the HMRC).

Application can be via a form sent in the post or even more simply by telephoning them.

Secondly, if you have online banking or telephone banking you can set up a Standing Order or one-off transfer direct to the church bank account.

Thirdly, if you have internet access you can go to our website: and donate via card.

Lastly we are still able to bank cheques so you can write a cheque out to ‘St John Baptist PCC Berkswell’.

 All donations are most welcome and will help us with our ongoing costs during this time.

For Parish Giving Direct Debit forms, cheques or our bank account details please contact Peter Cross our Treasurer (details ‘Berkswell Parish Church’ page) or Janet Roberts on 01676 529123

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